The 40 Years of Past Champions Tournament at the 2020 Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament was won by Team “BattLine” with their impressive 46.47 lb. kingfish. The crew consisted of Ed & Niki Batt, Lynn Krebill, as well as Eric Krebill and Eric Porter, who were part of Ed’s past winning crew in 2011. The team managed to catch four kingfish and a shark before the kingfish smoked the reel around 9 am. It took Niki over 20 minutes to reel in the monster fish, which Captain Ed initially thought was another shark. However, he was surprised to see it was a kingfish when it was brought to the boat. In order to secure their catch, Ed and Eric Porter both used a gaff to lift the fish. Team “BattLine” knew they had a contender on their hands and proceeded to weigh it as soon as the scales opened at noon. Due to Covid restrictions, only one person was allowed to weigh the fish, so Niki carried the fish bag over her shoulder to the scales. The officials were amazed at the size of the fish when Niki opened the bag. After waiting until the scales closed at 5pm, the BattLine crew was thrilled to hear that they had won the 2020 Greater Jacksonville Kingfishing tournament “40 Years of Past Champions” with their impressive 46.47 lb. Kingfish.

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